Book Cover Concept

Don’t judge a book by its cover,” I heard it said. But in reality a good book cover can attract potential customers. Isn’t that what all authors want?

So, when comes to my novels, I design my own book covers.

I have the idea I want in my head. I clip art or photos from the Internet and paste them together like this. Then I have I send the concept art over to one of my computer designer people to make the finished product.

Posted are previous book finished covers.

Since the photos I use for my cover art are most likely copyrighted, I have the computer artist redesign the book cover without using the actual photo. The point of the photos is for the artist to get the basic idea of what I am looking for and not to plagiarize their material. Later, the book cover artist will present to me about three versions of what I am looking for. I might make a few suggestions for tweaking something here or there…so that in the end I get the ‘look’ I want.

Here is a sample of the first clip art concept for my book The Secret of La Danta.

Publishing date: January 1st. 2020——

What do you think of the concept book cover? (

Stay tuned in for some future blog to see the final version.