I’ve Been Busy

I took a break from writing for an entire year. (hence why I have been absent from writing my blogs). I concentrated my creative energies on finishing my backyard projects. In 2018 I finished my waterfall and this year (2019) I finished my outdoor pizza oven! I only have two hands. I can’t do everything, so I had to make a choice between writing and building.

I chose building.

My outdoor projects are officially over. But building a waterfall and a pizza oven practically with no help was a BIG challenge. Writing a novel is a big challenge too.

So…what has happened to my writing? It had to go on hiatus, but in no way was it forgotten. In reality, getting away from writing for a while was a good thing. How so? I saw all the things that needed correction in my manuscript for The Secret of La Danta. I saw things from a different perspective.

I made the proper changes.

Now, I know I have a better product!

(I am a licensed landscape contractor, if you live in Arizona I can build you a pizza oven).

Alex Zabala is the author of:

-Treasure of the Mayan King

-The Golden Scepter

-The Mind Games of Dr. Sova

-Chauncy Rollock Chronicles

Coming soon:

The Secret of La Danta