An encounter with a famous author!

On May 25-28 at the Comic-Con in Phoenix, Arizona my co-author Dyego Alehandro had an encounter with his favorite author, Timothy Zahn (Dyego is on the left).

If you love to read science fiction and you’ve never heard of Timothy Zahn then you don’t really know science fiction. Mr. Zahn was singlehandedly responsible for bringing the Star Wars franchise back to life in 1991 with his novel Heir to the Empire.

I have personally read 38 of his 40 + titles.  Even though I don’t write sci-fi, Zahn’s books (among others) encouraged me to try my hand at writing. My personal favorite of his were Spinneret, Icarus Hunt, the Dragonback and Cobra series.

  I really enjoy Mr. Zahn’s storytelling style, Dyego, on the other hand, is a fervent disciple of Mr. Zahn. So it was a great privilege for Dyego to have his personal copy of Thrawn autographed.

Dyego helps me by co-writing my books of adventure/fiction however his real passion is science fiction. Dyego’s science fiction e-books are available on Amazon. Here are a couple of the titles: Avarice Dynasty and The Frontier Archives.

At this juncture, you may be wondering what character Dyego dressed up as for Comic-Con. Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park! He had been carrying a fake rifle but on the first day of the convention a person carrying REAL arms (4 guns and a knife) was arrested for attempting to cause bodily harm to eventgoers, so no one was permitted to enter with weapons of any sort – real or imitation. This was really sad because I wanted Dyego to run around the convention shouting Mr. Muldoon’s famous line from the movie: “SHOOT HER!” (speaking of a velociraptor of course).

Oh well.

Anyway, I just finished writing my new novel, The Secret of La Danta. The manuscript is in my co-author’s hands. In the meantime The Chauncy Rollock Chronicles is available as an e-book at Amazon.