Under Construction

Can you hear that noise – the noise of a building under construction? Do you hear the bulldozers grading the land? How about all that hammering and sawing going on? Look at the cranes lifting trusses overhead, and see the carpenters, plumbers, landscapers and others plying their trades!

Where is this construction taking place? What is being built?

This particular construction is going on in my head as well as that of my co-author. A new novel is under construction! The title is: The Secret of La Danta

This novel will be the beginning of a new series based on a character from my existing books in the Chauncy Rollock Chronicles.

Chauncy Rollock has a son, Troy Rollock, who is now an adult.  He is twenty-four years old and fresh out of the university. Troy is ready for adventures far greater than Chauncy could have imagined. Why? Troy’s personality and outlook in life are different than those of his father. So the reader can expect new things.

I guess the elevator pitch would go something like this:

The Secret of La Danta is like Indiana Jones meets Mission Impossible. Troy Rollock has assembled a motley crew of intellectual like-minded individuals and formed a business where typically they are hired by wealthy patrons to retrieve stolen archaeological relics. In this story a mysterious lady hires Troy and his crew to venture down to Guatemala to find an incredible secret the Mayans left behind in the tallest pyramid in the world, La Danta.”

There is more to it than that, of course, but in a nutshell what the readers can expect is an incredible adventure that reveals ancient technology that will astound many readers.

What building phase are we in?

The solid foundation and infrastructure have been built and the project has been passed on to my co-author, Dyego Alehandro. His job is to finish the building by adding all the right aesthetic parts to make the building great to look at! Currently he is about 50 percent complete.

When will the novel be available?

As is the case when constructing a building, it must be inspected by local municipalities to ensure it’s up to code. This takes time. And, once the “building” of our novel has been completed, it must pass the rigorous “inspection” of the dreaded editor!

Our goal is to have it available for our readers to “occupy” in 2018.