The Promotional Gears Are Turning!

I have been away for a while (two years to be exact) Life gets in the way. Bills have to be paid, companies have to be run and Covid had to be avoided (so yes, obviously I am still alive, so far). But I wasn’t sitting on my figurative laurels as respects my writing. I was writing my book, actually, I wrote two books. (Yes two).

Here are the titles:

-The Deadly Mind Game

-Return to La Danta.

My co-author, Dyego Alehandro my editor Anita Zabala and I, are doing the finishing touches on those books (including the cover artwork) and they should be completed early 2023. Editing is a tedious and arduous job. It takes an incredible amount of time and energy to produce an excellent product (I will be devoting future blogs concerning book editing). Yes, there will be an e-book and the paperback version.

Why two books? And why didn’t I publish one before the other?

Reason being is that I want to simultaneously publish The Deadly Mind Game and the finale of the Troy Rollock trilogy with Return to La Danta.

The Deadly Mind Game can be read as a standalone book or it can be sandwiched in between the other titles and become a trilogy!

Here is the roster:

Trilogy Book:

-The Secret of La Danta (available now on

-The Deadly Mind Game (soon to be published also a standalone book)

-Return to La Danta (soon to be published, to be part of the trilogy, not a standalone book)

Standalone Book:

-The Deadly Mind Game

Stay tuned for future news early 2023, great things are coming! The gears of promotion will start turning in full force!