Double Promotion and a Freebie

So, here’s the video my team and I produced to promote my new book, The Secret of La Danta. It is a double promotion because I am also promoting my landscape construction work.

Of course I can only legally contract work in the state of Arizona. But that doesn’t matter. With this ‘how to’ video I can instruct anybody, free around the world, on how to build a basic pizza oven.

So sit back, get some popcorn and enjoy the video!

I have more ‘How To’ videos coming down the pipeline.

At least for now, tell me what you thought about the video then contact me at:

Alex Zabala ids the author of the following books:

-Treasure of the Mayan King

-The Golden Scepter

-The Mind Games of Dr. Sova

-The Secret of La Danta

Coming in the future:

-The Deadly Mind Game

-Return to La Danta