There are a lot of strange things happening out there in the world. One may use the words ‘Epic’ or ‘Biblical’ to best describe them.

I live in Surprise Arizona, a suburb west of Phoenix, since my day job as a landscape contractor is considered ‘essential’ I haven’t been without income, unlike the 22 million people in the US who as of this writing, just filed for unemployment (of course, I am aware that my so-called ‘financial security’ can change at any moment).

When I go out to work, I notice there is less traffic and cleaner air, I suppose that is the only benefit to a world-wide lockdown. But it’s not much comfort when one realizes the reason: Thousands of children are not at school and the ‘non-essential’ working people are at working at home while many others are out of work. As I drive through main street, I notice that restaurants, bars, gyms, sports centers, barbers, hair stylists and a myriad of other places, are closed.

When it comes to entertainment, we have seen the shuttering of movie theaters, libraries, parks, music concerts, sports events and many other venues. For those of you authors who like to write about dystopian themes, well, now you have a lot of material to draw on now.

Regardless of the lockdown, humans need entertainment. There are currently only two sources of entertainment: TV, which includes streaming movies and e-books. Purchasing an e-book online from Amazon is guaranteed to be corona-virus free. Therefore, being an author is also an essential job. We can’t be shutdown. It is very likely that at this very moment, some aspiring author who was just laid off from his day job, is busy typing away in his or her office creating the next bestseller.

As for me, my new novel The Secret of La Danta, is finished. That means I am in currently in the promotional stage of the book smack in the middle of a pandemic! Is this good timing to promote an e-book? Yes. Since most of you are on lockdown, what better entertainment can there be then to cozy up to a good book? Watching too much TV is not good for the brain. It makes it soft.

Stay safe. Wash your hands, practice social distancing and read a good book during the pandemic! And remember, this too shall pass.

Alex Zabala ( is the author of the following adventure books:

The Treasure of the Mayan King

The Golden Scepter

The Mind Games of Dr. Sova

The Secret of La Danta