2020 and Beyond

It’s finally done. My new novel; The Secret of La Danta is finally here! After many years of research, rewrites, editing, proof reading and whatnot, my book is finally on sale. Hooray!

It is the culmination of a lot of hard work and I must say I am very proud of this one since I consider it one of my best works to date. A BIG thanks goes to my writing and book production team. Each one these individuals provided their unique talents in making this entire endeavor possible:

Anita Zabala: Managing Editor

Anita has excelled in catching all the wrong words and making them write (pun intended). She is infamous for writing her corrections on my manuscript with red ink. We call her ‘The Butcher’. Once the manuscript is dripping with ‘blood’ I get it back to rewrite and correct things.

KC Riva: Story Engineering

KC has a tough job. Once she gets a readable manuscript from the Butcher, her job is to make sure the entire story makes sense and flows in the proper direction. She will offer advice and direction as needed. She has no qualms in telling me the story stinks (she’s a tough cookie). So, you know it’s good if my novel gets to the published level.

Dyego Alehandro: Editor/Authoring services

If you have ever read my previous novels with Dyego as co-author, you will understand how invaluable he has been to me. He puts the music in my lyrics. I highly recommend you read his solo sci-fi novels. I’m the idea guy for my books but he adds lots of spice and flavor to my words.

Tim Rivadeneyra: Book Cover Artist

Tim is an up- and-coming artist with great talent. He works for a large corporate American company with powerful computers, we wanted to see what my new novel would look like with his talents and technology mixed together.

At the end of the day, of course, I make the final decision on what the final product will be. I told myself that whether my book fails or succeeds, I will take full responsibility. So, there you have it.

What does the future hold?

I’m making changes in my writing career. I’ve decided to become a little more prolific in my writing. It’s been 3 years since I last published my last full length novel. The problem with that is some of my fans have strayed to other pastures. But not anymore. The Secret of La Danta is Book 1 of a series of 3 books that will be published at the rate of one every year until 2022.

Book 1 is finished, Book 2 is in production with 65K words written and Book 3 is in my head, (well as of this writing, I do have 400 words typed).

Here is the roster of the Troy Rollock series (and collector editions):

2020- Book 1: The Secret of La Danta

2021- Book 2: The Deadly Mind Game

2022- Book 3: Return to La Danta

2022- Book 4: The Troy Rollock Trilogy Collection

2023- Book 5: The Complete Rollock Family 6 Book Collection (Chauncy & Troy Rollock’s novels)

The Secret of La Danta is on sale now!

Alex Zabala is author of the following books:

-Treasure of the Mayan King

-The Mind Games of Dr. Sova

-The Golden Scepter

-Chauncy Rollock Collection

-The Secret of La Danta

Note: This blog will remain here until March 1st, 2020 due to the fact that I will be on the warpath, traveling around inside the Internet and other places promoting my new book in the next two months.