The Manuscript is in my Grubby Hands!

So, I finally have the manuscript of The Secret of La Danta in my grubby little, dirty hands! I always get excited when my co-author hands his first draft it back to me. That means I get to reread my story in a slightly different version than mine and possibly considerably better, right?

It is at this is the juncture in the book publishing process where I always get very excited. It’s like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. I can almost see the published book! But I have to be patient.

Basically, this is the story writing process: When I finish my first draft, I hand it over to my co-author. He in turn puts the finishing touches in by polishing the draft. He turns it over to me and I reread my story and notate any corrections or changes that I feel are needed.

Once that is done, we hand it over to the dreaded editor to check any grammatical and story line errors (My blogs are never professionally edited, hence why you will find errors here, but no way I will I ever release a marketable novel without proper editing!)

Meanwhile, an artist is busy at work producing a book cover. Then I hand the edited story back to my co-author who on turn will make the needed corrections and finish the formatting. Once he receives my approved book cover artwork, he puts it all together and makes a packaged, finished product.

Even though my novel will be finished this year, my plan is to publish it in January of 2020 (a publication date early in the year will give it a fresh start instead of publishing it this November).

My book will be for sale online on Amazon where it will join the mighty river of over 8 million books! Yes, you read that right, Amazon has over 8 million books for sale and somehow my little book must be seen buy the public floating in the mighty Amazon river! (Now you know why it’s called Amazon).

I will worry about book marketing later, presently, I have to go and get me a cup of coffee, sit on my favorite chair and read my manuscript.

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