60 Ain’t That Bad

I’m 60 years old.

I suppose I’m entering what some people call the final ‘third phase’ of my life (that sounds strange). Somebody once said, “At 60, you deserve the face you have.” (funny).

Whenever I complain that I’m getting older, my wife simply says: “It’s only a number.”

I suppose she’s right, one million is a number also, right?

I have all the typical issues of a 60 year old man who happens to be living in an industrialized age, eating refined, industrialized food. But there are a lot of things I don’t have that some people my age do. I suppose it’s because I didn’t do the things they did when they were younger. So, yes it is true, some people spend their youth making their old age miserable.

Regardless, 60 is a pivotal time in one’s life to reflect what one has accomplished in life and where one is going. I am grateful I still that I have a measure of health. To prove that point, I just finished building my backyard waterfall and a homemade pizza oven, mostly by myself (see blog post from May 21st). Now that my backyard projects are done, I have decided to take up lifting weights three times a week to keep my muscles toned.

I am not bragging, I’m trying be an inspiration for all those old fogies like me. I find it inspiring to see older folks doing things to keep them alive and creative. I have seen videos on YouTube of 70 year old bodybuilders. No, I will never do bodybuilding, but I do find it incredibly motivating. What about you? What motivates you?

Are you creative? Creativity is good too. Maybe when it comes to creativity the best is still ahead for me….and then again maybe not. But at least for now, I know am doing the best I can NOW and I also know that I am ALWAYS trying to improve my craft. That’s why I am still writing. (Well, I returned to writing after a year hiatus).

I’m still selling books and I still have at more books to write. I am not a prolific writer, and I don’t publish a book every three months like some other authors, but nevertheless, I am still writing. I consider that mental weightlifting!

So, yes, I am getting old…but I am okay with that. What I am not okay with is giving up too soon and letting old age come prematurely (or maybe even death).

Someday, in the future, if I am blessed to be 70,80, 90 (or beyond)..I will look back and read this blog..and laugh at my old age angst, which I guess is just as bad as my teenage angst was. (Actually, no, my teenage angst was worse, I NEVER want to go through puberty again!).

So, in retrospect, 60 ain’t that bad….it’s only a number, right? What about you?

What ‘getting old’ stories do you have to tell? I would love to hear from you!

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