I recently built this waterfall in my back yard and a rainbow came over my project right on time when I took this picture!. It took a lot of work and money (and they rarely come together at the same time).

I consider this project one of my major accomplishments in my life (and a major accomplishment for my backyard!). I love waterfalls, I love the sound of flowing water. It’s comforting and peaceful.

The waterfall didn’t get built by inaction. There was a lot of planning, thinking and hard work involved to get to the final result. It’s the same with writing a novel. There is plenty of research, writing and imagination done to get a book published.

There have been a lot of accomplishments in my literary world too.

I published my first book Treasure of the Mayan King (TMK) on December 9th, 2013. Since then I have published three other books: The Golden Scepter, The Mind Games of Dr. Sova and Chauncy Rollock Chronicles

I have reached heights and goals in my literary career I only dreamed of before.

More books to come

But I am not done. There are more books coming down the line.

My next goal of accomplishments is to write a new trilogy of books with a different character.

As mentioned in my other blogs, his name is Troy Rollock, (son of Chauncy) and he has a boatload of adventures that will blow your mind.

I don’t know if I will ever make a living as an author, but for now, I will continue writing, publishing and sitting in my back yard, enjoying a glass of wine and the peaceful sound of running water.

I’m a licensed contractor in Arizona, so if you live there, I can build you a waterfall like this too.

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