Teaser Synopsis

Movies have teaser trailers, books have teaser synopses. In my last blog I wrote a small teaser. Here is a bigger teaser-synopsis revealing more plot lines for my latest book, The Secret of La Danta that is currently under construction.

The Secret of La Danta

There is a secret hidden inside La Danta, one of the largest Mayan pyramids known to man. The problem is that the pyramid and the ancient city that surrounds it are entirely covered by the Guatemalan jungle vegetation.

Javan Morgan is the man who knows that secret.

Unfortunately, the Department of Homeland Security has Javan locked up in a maximum security prison for allegedly stealing the Mayan secret from the United States government.

Enter Troy Rollock, son of famous archaeologist Chauncy Rollock. Troy belongs to a clandestine club called Secret Society of Savant Archaeologists. SSOSA’s mission is to recover stolen antiquities from tomb raiders and return them to their rightful owners.

Under the direction of the imprisoned Javan Morgan a beautiful but mysterious nuclear physicist, Rio Jordan, enlists SSOSA to help her get to La Danta to retrieve the secret.

However, Rick Cannon, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary is zealously going beyond his duties to make sure Javan doesn’t escape from prison.

Meanwhile, a notorious tomb raider Gerald Bollinger has his sights on stealing the Mayan power to sell it on the black market. He will do whatever it takes, even murder.

What ancient power did the Mayans harness that has the potential to help humanity or…destroy it? With Javan imprisoned and DHS officials and the tomb raider hot on SSOSA’s trail, Troy and his crew are on a race to La Danta.

Its’ just another day for Troy and his crew!

The Secret of La Danta is coming in 2018…meanwhile you can read the full collection of Troy’s father adventures with Chauncy Rollock Chronicles now available at Amazon.com